Davison & Richfield Fire Dept


Fire Safety Inspections are a vital tool in maintaining the safety of the public, as well as the Firefighters and Officers of the Davison – Richfield Fire Department. During a Fire Safety inspection Fire Department personnel will look for a wide range of code compliance issues including, but not limited to, proper entry and exit dimensions and clearance, exit lighting and general life safety concerns that ensure proper protection of your customers and employees. Personnel will also note any areas of concern for firefighter safety such as business floor plans and hazardous materials storage. The attached “Pre – Inspection Survey” provides valuable data that we use to build a data base of contact info and hazard mitigation material, it will also save time during the inspection by allowing our personnel to have much of the needed information pre – loaded into the inspection form. The pre – inspection survey along with the inspection itself also assist us in establishing pre – plans to aid in the mitigation of any incidents that may occur on your property. We encourage all business owners to participate in our inspection program to help ensure the safety of employees, customers and fire service personnel.