Davison & Richfield Fire Dept


Knox Boxes are a valuable tool allowing the Fire Department to access homes and businesses after hours, or when they are vacant, using keys secured in the box reducing the risk of property damage when gaining entry. Knox provides each Fire Department with a proprietary key that will open any Knox Box within that specific fire district. Business owners, and homeowners alike, that wish to purchase a Knox Box for their home or business need to simply follow the link below, at the top of the screen click on the box “select your local fire department agency” or the “Buy” button, follow the prompts to select the Davison – Richfield Fire Department, select your product and an email for approval will be sent to the Knox Box representative of the Davison – Richfield Fire Department for approval. Once your box arrives, we ask that you contact the Davison – Richfield Fire Department for guidance on the best location for mounting.